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The 18th of February began with some great news for Dodgers fans as the club officially re-signed veteran second baseman, Chase Utley, to a one-year, 2-million dollar contract.  After Los Angeles traded for former Tampa Bay Rays second baseman, Logan Foresythe, earlier this offseason, the possibility of resigning Utley did not seem all too realistic.  Utley, at age 38, will see a limited role on the field for the upcoming 2017 season, but his role in the clubhouse cannot be overstated.  The veteran presence and poise that Utley brings to the ball club has made a huge difference in the demeanor and focus of the team ever since he was brought in back in August of 2015.  His batting average of .252 and on-base percentage of .319 during the 2016 season may not jump off the stat sheet, but he will be a solid backup behind Foresythe and may see some time at first base filling in for the aging Adrian Gonzalez.  The overwhelming reason why I love the re-signing of Chase Utley is the leadership, work ethic, and knowledge of the game that he will surely pass on to the younger and up and coming players like Corey Seager and Joc Pederson.  For Seager, who has formed a tight relationship with his fellow middle infielder, the effect of seeing how a true professional goes about his business on a daily basis may go a long way in how his bright future shapes out.  Utley only has a few years left in his storied career and he is smart enough to know that rejoining the Los Angeles Dodgers is his best chance of attaining another World Series ring.